carissa Montgomery
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Carissa Montgomery gets an OTK spanking
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At last! We got our act together and edited the first film that beautiful and very sexy Carissa Montgomery did with us! This was her 1st time spanking with Triple A as she smouldered for the cameras whilst showing us all her most amazing bare bottom getting a good hard sound red bottom spanking over John's knee! This is a very hot OTK spanking as only Carissa is capable of pulling off for your absolute viewing pleasure! We hope you enjoy this little pre Xmas treat!
Jenna Jay and Aleesha Fox
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Miss Page spanks and leather both girls bare bottoms
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Aleesha should have been in her own room studying before bedtime instead of gossiping with her dorm neighbour, Jenna. The girls were discovered chatting & giggling by Miss Page, on her way out for the evening before a final check of the Dorms. It was just as well, the girls were mischievous & answered back too quickly so she spanked them both & just happened to possess a handy leather paddle on her person to wipe the smirks off their faces. Mr Osborne (well known for his continual patrolling of the girls corridors at all times on the lookout for trouble) heard the commotion & graciously took over from Miss Page's efforts to allow her a night out whilst he finished off chastising the girls with his hand & hairbrush that soon had both girls bottoms turning red with shame rather quickly! Dorm style PJs & giggling sassy girls getting what they deserve? It's a very likeable film, we hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we did making it!
Alex is spanked by Mr Bear
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The hairbrush on Alex Reynolds bare bottom
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Welcome to Alex Reynolds' 1st F/F spanking film here at Triple A & what a stunning debut it is too! She was on a sleepover with Zoe Page, a real bratty princess who always gets her way. The girls play & have a pillow fight but then Alex said some horrible things about "Mr Bear", Zoe's huge stuffed cuddly teddy. Things really took off as Alex was pinned to the floor and spanked by a spiteful Zoe as Mr Bear watched! Then to add insult to injury (or a very sore red bottom) Zoe fetched her hairbrush to remind Alex who was in charge & then placed her over the lap of her stuffed teddy with her bottom exposed & burning red for Mr Bear to have a go! How humiliating! This is a delightful sleepover romp for pyjamas lovers & contains some great banter with good hard spankings you'd expect from Zoe!
Ashley Graham
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Ashley takes her OTK spanking
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Ashley Graham is a very naughty and bratty young madam who shows some of that sassy attitude as she wriggles, complains and squirms over John's lap as he gives her a deserved spanking after complaining about being on a spanking shoot rather than modelling lingerie! Ashley hasn't been spanked for a while so what better than to get her lovely derriere nicely tanned with a good old fashioned OTK spanking! She's a gorgeous girl who we loved filming and she has the most jigglesome booty and boobies imaginable! See for yourself in this first ever film she made with us!
Pay up or the girl gets more!
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Jenna gets the heavy 3 tailed leather strap
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Daddy's precious little girl, Jenna Jay, was kidnapped and taken to a secret location where she was filmed in a most humiliating way. Stripped naked, bound to a punishment bench, blindfolded and ball gagged! This video was made with the sole purpose of upsetting her wealthy father into agreeing to pay the realistic and modest ransom of $1Million! This severe spanking and BDSM style punishment was just the start of her ordeal if daddy refused to pay up after viewing this horror! See what they filmed... and see why he stumped up the cash, no questions asked, rather quickly!
Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone
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Uncle Dave spanks Molly with the bathbrush
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Amelia and Molly enjoy nothing better than pleasing their kindly Uncle David who saved them from a life of crime years ago in what he described as their mad
"Porno Incident". Of course, they never talk about such things anymore and help him in any way they can nowadays. So when the girls noticed that he was getting stressed at work they decided to give him a special treat to help him relax. They waited for him in the sexiest lingerie they owned and allowed him his one real pleasure left in life... spanking naughty young ladies! However, the girls forgot that ol' Dodgy liked to use the bathbrush as well as his practised hand. This is a wonderful naughty spanking movie that will make some of you jealous that this man lives in such a therapeutic spanking relationship!
Mishka Devlin's sore red bottom soothed with cream
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Mishka is spanked in her girl guide uniform
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Welcome to the final part of John's fantasy spankings. Imagine having such a naughty girl guide minx in such a provocative position over your lap and then spanked in that most revealing wheelbarrow position! Well, imagine no more as John fulfills his fantasy in one of his favourite films that caused the poor man all sorts of "Trouser Arousal" issues! Naughty Mishka assumes her place over his lap in a traditional OTK spanking first with some nice camera angles before the final wheelbarrow spanking takes place with lots of gratuitous bottom rubbing, groping and carressing in between the spankings. You will also see copious amounts of lotion being rubbed and massaged into Mishka's very sore red bottom! She only ever worked for our company in the UK before retiring from spanking & disciplinary films for other companies so we are very privileged to bring you yet another film in this very naughty and popular spanking series!
Sarah Gregory and Donna Davenport with their asses high in the air
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Donna is told to assume the position again
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Sometimes we can't hide the fact that we enjoy making our films and this little movie was nearly overlooked as our stressed out webmaster thought this film had already been published! Oops! Now as it co stars Sarah Gregory (voted spankee of the year 2012) we thought it wise to show you this film sooner rather than later and as a fantastic bonus it also had a giggling and very bratty Donna Davenport giving John a hard time over his huge stash of spanking magazines that both girls had found in a bedside cabinet whilst they were stopping over at his place. The girls made fun of him but not for long as first Donna then Sarah got a rather hard (and we do mean hard!) OTK spanking followed by a heavy hairbrush. It's a fun pacy film and the spanking punishment dished out was more than sufficient to make the girls realize John meant business! Don't miss this film which will make you smile, it's a great little piece of spanking fantasy entertainment!
carpet beater on Dani's bum
Danielle Hunt is caught masturbating and punished severely
danielle is caned hard
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Danielle has been staying at a strict religious household, her parents had given up on her, unable to look after their wayward daughter. Bored out of her mind in this stifling place, she had secretly bought some "toys" online to relieve the frustration when stuck in her sparsely decorated room that had reminders of what happened to bad girls. By her bedside remained a cane & a horrible carpet beater, which her adopted uncle used on her from time to time. At the start of this film we see Danielle pleasuring herself with one of her purchases but then she got caught in the act nearing orgasm. Her strict uncle was shocked & angry that this self defilement had happened under his roof so he unleashed a torrid amount of cane strokes & whacks with the carpet beater to ensure Danielle learnt that such impure actions would not be tolerated whilst under his care!
Fresh welts are examined on Molly's bottom
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Amelia balances a volleyball on her stretched legs
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Amelia & Molly were coach Osborne's best players so he was furious when both girls got sent off for fighting in a vital game which his team lost due to their thoughtless actions. Both girls were sent to cool down after the game as they discussed the events whilst stretching in a variety of revealing poses we are sure you will enjoy viewing! However, Osborne had further plans for these 2 as only he knew how as there were more things he wasn't happy about with the way the girls dressed provocatively on court causing him embarrassment from complaints he had received. He decided they would both receive a very humiliating double punishment in front of each other with a hard old fashioned slippering followed by the cane on both their bared bottoms to teach them a lesson they wouldn't forget in a hurry!
Freshly reddened spanked bottoms
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Uncle ear pulls Aleesha fox before giving her much needed spanking
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This is the 2nd of 4 films featuring naughty schoolgirls, Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay, with their various put upon uncles who have tried to look after them and bring them up properly but these 2 are far more worldy and know just how to run rings around kindly Uncle "Dodgy Dave" who they adore as he lets them get away with all sorts (unlike nasty old Uncle John). It seemed the girls had learnt nothing and have shown only disrespect since their last punishment in the kitchen. They were caught loafing around in the sitting room watching TV after coming home from school instead of doing their homework and household chores. You will see a darker side to Uncle this time as he humiliated both girls spanking and strapping them until they finally stopped answering him back and to understand and listen to his reasonable request to follow the simple House Rules - but will this be enough? Watch this movie and find out! Domestic and cute schoolgirl uniform lovers will enjoy this from the latest series of "Uncle knows best" films!
Freshly reddened spanked bottoms
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Nyssa grabs ashely's ass for a spanking
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Nyssa's English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of the wicked old Uncle's plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! He wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show? Check out the movie and see for yourself.
Zoe wants to crop Jessica's bare bottom
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Jessica Jensen spanked by girl guide Zoe Page
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Zoe Page was a hopeless girl guide, she never put in the effort with earning badges. Her latest task was to make a decent sandwich but she was totally clueless & asked her fellow guide, gorgeous Jessica Jensen (voted best new UK spankee), who she knew had a "thing" for her, to help out. However, when Jessica laughed at Zoe's attempts to make a sandwich the darker side of Miss Page appeared as she turned on a smirking Jessica & started to spank the bewildered girl. Jessica tried to please Zoe since she secretly wanted more from her domineering friend so she allowed her to spank, paddle & use a crop on her bare bottom leading to some naughty pussy play. Seeing Jessica masturbate her juicy minnie which turned Zoe on, but only to cause some more discomfort to poor Jessica for her own wicked amusement! See how a besotted impressionable young lady would try almost anything to please Zoe in this very naughty girl guide spanking fantasy adventure!
kami feels her sore red bottom
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Kami Robertson gets the leather belt
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Kami had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about... an old fashioned leathering with his belt! This was a particularly hard scene which had Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she was a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dared bring the family name into disrepute!
bared bottoms after their Xmas spanking
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David receives his Xmas presents
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Amelia & Molly have had an eventful year living with their friendly but sometimes strict landlord, David, who the girls love to call "Uncle" as he is there for them in their times of need and also to sometimes guide the girls when they have misbehaved, some would say they all lead a dysfunctional lifestyle, others would be jealous of their cosy relationship with kindness and spankings never far from their minds. The girls decide to give Uncle David a special treat... quite what it is you will see as the girls allow him to spank them both over his knee on Christmas morning, it's a great start to the day, but much more naughtiness is to come when they hand him their tempting presents! Check out this special long play Christmas video for you all to unwrap & enjoy... Happy Holidays!
Danielle Hunt has a sore red bottom
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Dani's bottom gets the bathbrush
followed by a long hard caning
Another special twisted schoolgirl punishment story between Danielle Hunt and John Osborne. This time, while waiting out her detention, Danielle had stolen some spanking magazines from the Staff Common Room and she was getting off to them to pass the time instead of doing boring lines. This filthy girl was caught with her fingers buried in her panties touching her excited pussy as a shocked Mr Osborne decided a rather unique and humiliating deterrent was required. Since she liked getting off so much to the images she saw in the magazine he decided that he would associate everything she got off to with the very real pain of a hard stinging bathbrush and caning punishment across her bare bottom whilst also making her look at some of the images that she had previously thought so sexually fascinating! It's certainly an interesting perspective which we are sure you will all enjoy viewing, especially since her final scenes with the cane were painfully severe! The uniform and the austere authentic detention setting makes this a rather dark schoolgirl punishment fantasy dreamt up as only John and Dani could!
Amelia is given a wedgie by Molly
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Spanked in this position with a hairbrush
Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone
Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone make their stunning debut with a unique all female wheelbarrow position spanking special! Naughty Molly persuaded Amelia to take a spanking in this embarrassing position & her huge grin said it all as she revelled in Amelia's bewilderment at agreeing to do this in the first place. This was her first ever spanking by another girl in this precarious and revealing position and to add some spice, both girls were wearing some very sexy & highly inappropriate school uniforms to raise our blood pressure just that little bit more for our viewing pleasure!
Joelle gets the bathbrush spanking
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Nyssa is close to tears from her spanking
sore red bottoms after their discipline
Nyssa Nevers & Joelle Barros have joined the English Girl Guides as part of an exchange programme in the Anglo American Scouting network. However, a routine fund raising event like the Car Wash Day went horribly wrong as they made a mess of cleaning the cars & sent temperatures soaring wearing suggestive panties underneath their skirts for everyone to see! These wanton exhibitionists were called in to the local scout leader's office & they got a nasty surprise for daring to shame the traditional values of this Troupe by ensuring their disgraceful knickers were removed & a series of hard swats of the hairbrush & bathbrush were used on their throbbing sore red bottoms to teach them some self restraint & manners in public! Nyssa certainly learnt her lesson as she burst into tears at the end, barely able to take the nasty bathbrush that every girl on the receiving end confirms HURTS LIKE HELL!


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