katie takes the test interview
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Katie sticks out her pantyhose bottom
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Katie appears to have got the job, if she wants it, of a very well paid Au Pair for the Osborne Family. However, the price she must pay if she does accept the job is an introduction to what happens if she displeases her eccentric employer... and he has rather old fashioned and traditional punishment methods that he still employs in his household. Katie is asked to take a test spanking and punishment and she agrees... as a refusal would mean she'd lose the chance of earning 4 times the going rate for a similar position! Witness a nervous and a little naive Katie accept the challenge to take on Mr Osborne's wandering hands and various spanking implements as she takes her test punishment over her pantyhose, panties and finally on her beautiful sore red bare bottom!
The Stepford Sister Spanbkbots go to sleep
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Both spankbots receive the carpet beater across their lifelike butts
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There is no Christmas video this year but instead you will be able to view this fun frolic with a great twist at the end. John is a gullible geek that buys into all the latest gadgets so when he hears of lifelike submissive spankbots, he decides to try them out for himself. He is presented with 2 "Stepford Wife" style lifelike spankbots that are controlled by a remote device at his command. However, not everything goes to plan as these are naughty spankbots that don't always follow his orders as they appear to enjoy spanking and making out with each other too! John uses the carpet beater to test out the effectiveness of the bottom reddening program and he is suitably impressed! So what's the twist to this spanking romp? You'll have to watch it in full to find out... this film is also available in full MP4-HD1080 for the ultimate viewing experience!
OTk spanking for Dani Hunt
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Danielle receives the hairbrush on her sore spanked bottom
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Danielle Hunt was summoned to see her cheer coach for her evaluation. She knew that she was going to be punished because of all the stories that she had heard from the other girls whenever their upcoming "Evaluation" was discussed by him... in this case it was an embarrassing and quite painful OTK spanking followed by a good hard hairbrush punishment across Dani's sore bottom for her repeated failure to learn the basic routines in her cheerleading troupe! Fans of Miss Hunt will not be disappointed to see she got a damned hard discipline session which you will see marked her bottom quite clearly!
Cheerleader paddle punishments
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The girls get ready for their paddling
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3 rival cheerleaders planned and almost got away with a betting scam as they rigged how their teams would do in a competition. However, they have been found out and are faced with the humiliating prospect of receiving a hard hand spanking with a "Spank'r" and a heavy nasty looking wooden paddle if one of the girls doesn't own up in time! We won't tell you just who is the main culprit (they are all guilty of being complicit in this scam) but it's a great way to see the girls receive some rather hard and embarrassing punishments in front of each other. The hard and fast paddling finale has to be seen, it is a visual treat for those that love to see girls thrashed in sexy cheer girl outfits!
The girls receive spankings in their shorts
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shorts shorts spankings
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Who can resist seeing girls in short shorts getting spanked? This film was a custom request for seeing girls spanked in naughty short shorts, the type Daisy Duke might have worn. Very scanty and very sexy... the girls brought their shortest shorts and enjoyed showing off their bottoms, still red and glowing from a previous film. They then were asked to remove their skimpy shorts so they could receive a final spanking and paddling of the day! Features some of America's hottest spanking models, you will not want to miss this!
Katie masturbates before she is caught
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Zoe spanks Amber West
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Amber was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the poor school reports would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, Amber's results were getting worse and her most recent feeble excuses for her latest test failures meant that Zoe had to rethink how to punish this lazy brat The film starts with Amber offering the report and being told she will be punished, she doesn't argue too much, as she knew she had this coming but thought she could handle the usual punishment that Zoe dished out... until this time! Amber didn't expect the final humiliating & embarrassing part of her punishment... the dreaded wheelbarrow positional spanking without her precious panties to protect her modesty! We get to see everything Zoe sees close up in this delightfully rude intimate spanking punishment. Amber pleads for this new humiliation to stop but not before we have all had a darned good look and seen her red bottom and private parts up nice and close! Perhaps in future, young Amber might just think twice before suffering another embarrassing spanking like this one!
Katie masturbates before she is caught
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Katie plays with herself before getting spanked
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This was the 1st film we made with naughty girl next door, Katie Brown! We re-enacted a true life story with an added pervy twist as Katie recalled how she got caught playing with herself and the shame and embarrassment this had caused. We added Uncle John's naughty jazz mag that she got off to and the fact that he spanked her on her bare bottom with his hand and various hairbrushes that left a very satisfying & sore marked red bottom for her filthy self defilement afterwards! This is a stunning new film which also heralds in a new era of film production for us as every film shoot we make from now on will contain a full size "blu ray" quality format in MP4 (like the preview clip shown above) as one of your download options. We have upped the playback quality & screen size which means the download files will be much larger but we are also giving you the option to view the films in our usual WMV-720HD which you are seeing now as standard. Please welcome Katie, starring in the 1st of many naughty girl next door scenarios that we are sure you will adore!
Lola is caned on her bare wet bottom
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Lola's wet knickers are pulled down after soaking them with pee
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Lola was late for her outdoor detention punishment at Mr Osborne's quarters in his private secluded garden where he enjoyed punishing his girls when the weather was nice! He didn't give her time to make excuses even though she was trying to tell him that she badly needed to go to the toilet. Quickly into her OTK spanking she tried to wriggle off Mr Osborne's lap before she could no longer hold what she should have expunged earlier... out it came, through her regulation white knickers, all over Mr Osborne's trousers. He was so shocked that before he had time to properly act, she had completely soaked his right leg from her desperate overdue pee! Lola's punishment took a turn for the worse after this as she was humiliated further after receiving the carpet beater and 2 different canes before being told to wear her damp, sodden knickers for a final embarrassing session with the cane and his stinging hands across her wet burning cheeks! It's a quirky and very kinky schoolgirl punishment film that will appeal to lovers of this most naughty bad behaviour!
Sarah removes her dress and clothing before she is spanked some more
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Sarah Gregory is given the leather strap on her bare bottom
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Sarah could be a real brat when she didn't get her way! She had embarrassed John at the company dinner in which he had travelled a long way to come visit her and his American colleagues. He cut short his dinner meeting with that knowing eye to his compatriots and took Sarah back to their room for a showdown and her inevitable punishment that only couples do so intimately! Sarah looked stunning in her red dress and John wasted no time throwing her over his knee for a spanking. But he wanted to be sure that this super sassy brat was fully contrite and told her to slowly undress for him. Sarah was secretly excited and still answered back to ensure she got more whackings on her bare bottom as she jiggled her butt cheeks provocatively to tease him. John could see her excitement as he removed her panties to reveal a glistening pussy that had betrayed her attitude! Normally John would have ended the punishment there and then and had his way but he wanted to ensure that Sarah would be contrite and learn her lesson this time that she couldn't always have her own way! Witness this hot red blooded spanking and leather paddling as you enjoy the sight of Sarah Gregory as you've never seen her before. A stunning grown up spanking film that both John and Sarah loved making for you and which will appeal to lovers of domestic spanking erotica!
Christy and Alex make out
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the girls are given a good hard paddling
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The girls are getting ready at John's place for their Halloween Party night out. He kindly allowed them space and comfort to get ready and catch up on girly gossip as the 3 girls hadn't seen each other for some time. However, they abuse his trust by bringing alcohol and dressed up very inappropriately. Maddy and Alex were dressed up as teenage Girl Guides and Christy had a very short Alice in Wonderland dress that left nothing to the imagination! John was called back to his serviced apartment when he was informed that there was a rowdy commotion going on. The girls were getting drunk and the TV was blaring out disturbing the neighbours. He was rather embarrassed and with the complete abuse of trust, it could mean only one outcome for the girls. They would get a horrid spanking punishment before being let out to their party and he wanted to make sure that their bottoms would be glowing bright red for all to see how wicked they had been. Some great facial reactions, sore red bottoms and bratty behaviour from the girls with some equally forceful heavy wooden paddling and hairbrush punishments to kick start the Halloween Holiday! Also notice 2 fantastic debuts for any British Spanking site with Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks from sunny California!
Leandra bent over and thrashed
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Leandra's bare bottom is strapped
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There had been complaints from some parents about the school's new Nit Nurse wearing highly provocative panties and inappropriate uniform when she was tasked with her duties of delousing their precious ones! It was a delicate matter, as Leandra was sent over from The Netherlands on a nursing exchange program to this quiet English High School establishment. She was brought to the attention of the only teacher that dared bring up the subject, the one they all relied on for some special "in house" discipline... the one person the other teachers called "Dodgy Dave". His methods were a little offbeat, some would say, perverse, but he got results... and Nurse Leandra soon learnt what she should be doing correctly with the aid of some old fashioned spanking methods when ol' Dodgy had heard that she got spanked at home in her relationship... this was the perfect ruse for him to carry out his own private Nit Nurse investigation. Enjoy this quirky but severe discipline film that involves the use of hand, leather strap and paddle with unwarranted use of a riding crop!
Joey and Kaye get real bratty!
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both girls get a hard strapping and spanking
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This was a short sharp shock spanking film with a kinky twist & hard tearful strappings. The girls thought it would be fun to embarrass John in his hotel suite by showing off their delectable spanked butts from a previous film to everyone below sunning themselves innocently by the pool, flashing their asses to those who happened to look up at that window! They hadn't thought about the fact that this could be construed as public indecency or worse so when John caught them messing around he made sure they would get something to show for their troubles if that was how they wanted to behave! The girls were placed in awkward & embarrassing spanking positions under & over each other then each naughty madam was given the dreaded 3 tailed leather strap. Joey found this rather hard to take as her tears welled up as she bravely took her punishment! Join in the fun, mayhem & spirit of what it's sometimes like to film at a Spanking Party event... tears & shame turn to smiles & laughter again by the end... & some continued naughty flashing to Joe Public of their freshly tanned behinds!
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Molly gets the hairbnrush on her bare bottom
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Amelia and Molly had grown apart as they now attended different schools. However, Molly would love to rekindle their old friendship so had been stalking Amelia for some time waiting for an opportune moment and excuse to invite herself in and try to rekindle what they once had. Amelia was taken aback on one such "chance enncounter" but invited sneaky Molly in as a courtesy, both girls were Head of their respective schools but there the similarity ended as Amelia now lived in a strict household that promoted discipline in the home to further her advancing education! Molly soon discovered this first hand when the girls bickered and fought and the noise could be heard outside as Amelia's strict guardian arrived home none too pleased! You will see how he dishes out humiliating bare bottom punishments to both girls who dared to shame him with their petty squabbling that the whole neighbourhood must have heard! Don't miss Amelia and Molly's bare bottoms revealed with their panties pulled down in shame, still in their school uniforms, as they are given the strap then the hairbrush for being such annoying spoilt brats!
Zoe plots her revenge to spank Aleesha
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Zoe spanking Aleesha on her bare rump
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Aleesha found out that Zoe had been sleeping with her recent ex boyfriend & confronted her over this after everything she had discussed & shared intimately as best bi girlfriends do! Aleesha was angry & shook up a surprised & shocked Zoe... however, if Aleesha was to follow through on her threats at that time then she should have as nothing could be worse than a scheming Ms Page! As you will see, Zoe had planned their next intimate meeting with military detail. After this initial encounter & heated spat, the film continues with what Zoe had concocted next! We find Aleesha, nearly naked & bound to a punishment bench. Zoe had seduced Aleesha with the promise that they were best girlfriends again and no man could come between them as before... she knew deep down Aleesha would accept her punishment as you will see when she has her wicked way in this "revenge" style spanking film with some delicious dark bdsm moments that is exciting to watch!
Leia Ann Woods
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Leia gets a severe strapping punishment
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Miss Woods was a highly paid solicitor on a generous contract to Osborne Industries, it was a pity that she couldn't draft a watertight contract herself when it was needed and so she was summoned at short notice to the CEO's city apartment during the weekend! Asked to explain the shoddy and slipshod work she had performed, she could not offer a decent enough explanation. Time for Mr Osborne to invoke a few of his own personal "Clauses" to her own work contract as he reminded her of why she was so highly paid and the consequences that she now faced! This meant he got to punish and correct her any way he saw fit! Miss Woods had no choice but to comply as this job paid so well and soon her bottom was being spanked with far worse to come as her jeans and panties were removed much to her obvious embarrassment and shame. A variety of stinging implements were used across her bared smarting backside to remind her to complete another draft of this important document or she'd be dragged back in at an inconvenient time with more demeaning consequences to come!
Jenna and Taylor clean up after being punished
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Jenna gets a spanking
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Jenna & Taylor have been employed on a very generous contract as cleaners for an eccentric recluse, Mr Jackson, who pays them way over the odds as maids to do all the menial housework chores. However, there is a drawback to being so well paid for such easy work... if he is ever dispeased with their cleaning he has the right to "punish" them as he sees fit... the girls are quite worldly wise & well aware of his eccentricities & kinky nature so accept his spanking punishments as part of their job without question. Join us as we see yet another day in which these 2 lazy & rather naughty girls are caught out yet again & given a more humiliating spanking, this time in front of each other for the 1st time! Mr Jackson has his hands full with these 2 naughty maids, but we somehow don't think he minds that much... do you? OTK lovers will enjoy this double girl M/F/F punishment film.
Lola Marie
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Lola starts her self spankings
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This was one of the 1st films we ever made with stunning Lola Marie & we asked her to show us what she got up to at home, when she'd be alone & bored when she had no play partner! Lola is a very sexual girl. Lola treated our cameras to a rather hot display of solo masturbation with one of her favourite toys. You'll see her beautiful pussy pulsate & quiver, turning wet as the vibrations aroused her clit to near orgasm... but Lola liked to tease herself & admitted to us that she is genuinely turned on by being a very naughty girl so used a variety of implements including some beautiful new hairbrushes across her bottom which kept her pussy throbbing as well as giving her bottom a good seeing to! The finale saw Lola finish herself off with a wicked smile. Please welcome Lola as you've never seen her before or anywhere else!
Zoe and Jessica kiss
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Zoe feels Jessica's hot spanked bottom
Jessica has a beautiful pert bottom
Zoe Page invited Jessica Jensen over for a sleepover. However, Jessica should have been aware of what might happen as Zoe made a move on her from the start. Jessica had admitted that she had been recently spanked and Zoe had asked to see the results of that... hmmm, any excuse for her to perv as she then got to play with Jessica's bottom under the guise of helping her out but once she felt the heat coming off those pert buns it ignited her own desire to spank Jessica's bum! Zoe's fascination to try out Jessica's bare red bottom for herself started with the pretence of applying soothing cream, lots of cream... and kneading her buttocks was a temptation too far. Zoe got her way after the girls had a playfight! Naughty Zoe, she got what she wanted in the end!
The paddle breaks across her naughty buns of steel
Click here to see this full HD Movie
Danielle's bottom is presented for her bare spanking and paddling
Danielle Hunt had been confined to her Dorm Room awaiting her latest punishment in the embarrassing "Discipline Dropseats". A humiliating piece of clothing as any girl at this private school would know that anyone wearing this item was about to be punished... this helped enforce the room confinement and making trips to the bathroom down the long corridor fraught with worry. Cruel? Perhaps... but these rules were in place for a reason, so when Mr Osborne arrived, he discovered that Danielle had also been using a hidden phone which was strictly forbidden! He immediately set about punishing her with her dropseat pants pulled down revealing her full naked bottom... she was spanked, given the hairbrush & then the nasty composite paddle that was a personal favourite of his as he knew this really, really stung like hell! However, her naughty buns of steel broke his cherished paddle: You will see the end of an area at Triple A as one of our much cherished implements met its match with Danielle Hunt!
Leandra smiles for her army boyfriend
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leandra whacks her bottom in a self
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Leandra is such a tease, she's hot... "sch-moking" hot! She asked us if she could make a naughty teasing video for her army boyfriend in her very 1st film with us. We are now showing this after agreeing that he got 1st viewing rights... since it was with him in mind & he let us know he appoved of it wholeheartedly! He is currently serving overseas & this lucky young man gets to discipline & teach his naughty Dutch girlfriend a lesson or two when he's home, but he's not... is he? So Leandra had us make this self spanking film... showing him what he's missing but doesn't reveal everything, for his memory & our sordid imagination can fill in the blanks... needless to say, she looks drop gorgeous dressed in her lingerie & stockings as she talks to the camera, goading her boyfriend at what he's missing & wishes that he could give her a proper man spanking! However, she'll just have to tease him with her own show for now! See the results in this very erotic & addictive viewing experience that sees Leandra in one of her sexiest spanking videos that she has ever made.
Mishka's sore buttocks burn after her hairbrush discipline
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Mishka reads from the Female Disciplinary Manual
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Mishka, the new Exchange Student, was a very naughty little thing! She rubbed herself off & got excited reading about the ways in which bad girls were disciplined with a corporal punishment spanking! She imagined herself getting that treatment too & dipped her fingers into her glistening pussy to relieve that feeling of severe arousal! However, she hadn't turned up for Supper as she was so engrossed in her illicit finger pie business, she got caught masturbating! A shocked Mr Osborne gave her a spanking (which was what she got off on) - but he noticed this & then turned the tables on her, making her read the paragraphs that she had found so interesting from the Female Disciplinary Manual then whacked her bare reddening cheeks with the hairbrush! Her growing humiliation was only matched by the increasingly beautiful red colour of her tight buns! Gaze upon the glowing cheeks of shame which contrasted beautifully with her light blue gingham school dress!
Amelia reflects on her naked otk spanking punishment
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amelia loses her clothes for her spanking
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Amelia Jane Rutherford was hungover & awaiting an early morning punishment, she had already made an "apology coffee" for John who recalled the events of her previous night's disgraceful behaviour. She knew that she had done wrong & accepted her punishment but he wasn't convinced that she was really learning her lesson... so a humiliating early naked spanking over his lap might just shame her into avoiding any future awkward & embarrassing starts to what would be a rather bad day for her like this one!


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